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Double bill with Eric Fraser (flute) and Samarth Nagarkar (vocal)

  • The ARK- Sacred Arts Research Foundation 107 Green St #G55 Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Featuring Eric Fraser on the Bansuri (bamboo) flute, Samarth Nagarkar (vocal) and Sameer Gupta (tabla)

Join us for two sets of captivating sound meditation in the form of an Indian Classical music concert. These renowned and highly accomplished Indian music artists will present raga music in a traditional format: improvising within the structure of ancient melodic formulas to invoke particular subtleties of mind and emotion, contained within and supported by trance-inducing rhythm cycles..

The sadhana (rich, heartfelt practice) of this music can extend beyond the deep meditation of the artist to you as the audience. As a listener, you can engage in a sadhana of deep listening. The melodies and rhythm cycles of the Indian Classical format offer the active listener pathways into inner landscape of emotion and consciousness. The music tells stories, teaches, inspires and transports, and develops gradually, building slowly to ecstatic realms.


1st set
Eric Fraser- bansuri
Sameer Gupta- tabla

2nd set
Samarth Nagarkar- vocal
Rohan Prabhudesai- harmonium
Sameer Gupta- tabla

Tickets are $15 online/$20 at the door.  Order online at