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Bansuri Yoga

  • Grateful Yoga Center 1108 Davis St Evanston, IL, 60201 United States (map)

bansuri yoga 
alchemy of movement, breath & the bamboo flute

Ruthie joins forces with Eric Fraser, Classical Indian Flute Player & Nada (sound) Yoga teacher:

In Classical Indian music, the artist improvises within the structure of a raga, a traditional melodic formula that offers an infrastructure of musical grammar and aesthetic guidelines. As students of yoga asana and the body, we can elevate our practice by treating asanas like ragas. Each asana has an infrastructure of physiological grammer and a particular energetic essence; each asana can serve as a foundation for personal interpretation and improvisation.

The bansuri flute sounds and the yoga-based movement practice mirror (and support) each other in this workshop. Both seek to experience the essence of the raga or posture at hand, and both honor the pre-determined structure as much as the freedom to play within it.

In this workshop we will: 
- practice the skill of constructive, nourishing movement improvisation in asanas 
- contemplate the relationship of structure and freedom in movement within a bansuri soundscape 
- introduce vilambit yoga, a meditative asana flow within an expansive pulsing rhythm cycle 
- chant simple tones as a meditation on sound and vibration 
- begin to sing an Indian raga (traditional melodic formula) and discover new depth of feeling in sound 
- rest deeply to the sounds of Classical Indian bansuri flute in a final, extended savasana

principles of bansuri yoga

sur - Sur refers to tunefulness. Just as the musician applies his/her skills to play each note perfectly in tune (matching the tuning of the tanpura, the drone in Indian music which is foundational ocean of sound), the yoga practitioner aims to activate his/her body in tune as well, with precision and intention.

rhythm cycle - The vilambit rhythm cycle offers a slow, expansive, spacious cyclical journey with a sense of exploring and returning and reaching out and coming back.

a closer look - We can use this expansive time for a thorough investigation of the richness of each moment

improvisation - Staying within the universe of the vilambit rhythm cycle and the themes presented in the class, there is some time allotted for the students to explore and improvize asana and physical and energetic engagement.

vibration - Connecting to the vibrations of the tanpura, melody and percussion is a powerful way to exist in the prana body.