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New Perspectives on the Old School

  • Chhandayaan 4 W 43rd St New York, NY, 10036 United States (map)


Doors 7pm Concert 7:30pm sharp 
Chhandayan Center for Indian music, 4 W43rd st, New York, NY suite 608 

Chhandayan presents a short percussion solo followed a by rarely heard confluence of to of India's oldest instruments: The Pakhawaj played by Pandit Manik Munde and the Bansuri played by Eric Fraser. The Pakhawaj, translated as "holy sound", is the barrel drum that pre-dates the more commonly known tabla and is most used today in dhrupad, Kathak and Odissi dance, and bhajan traditions across Northern India. The bansuri, translated as "song of the bamboo", has long been a folk instrument though out India and, in the last century, has been adopted into the more classical genres of indian music. The deep and intricate poetic language of the pakhwa and the soft sweet harmonies of the bansuri join together in this ancient dance of melodic rhythm.

Pandit Manik Munde is known across India as the player of the "singing pakhawaj". He began his journey as a teenager studying tabla but soon became enchanted with the sound of Pakhawaj, which took him to study with Mahant Pandit Amarnath Mishra in Benares. He soon began accompanying the Dagar brothers, ZM Dagar and ZF Dagar, and other exponents of the dhrupad tradition. Manik Munde is not only a classically trained pakhawaj master, but one who also pushes the boundaries of the instrument, playing with khayal, jazz and other world musicians around the globe. While well versed in performance, he is most dedicated to teaching and passing along the pakhawaj tradition.

Eric Fraser ( is an acclaimed exponent of a unique vocal style of North-Indian flute playing. Known for it’s purity and antiquity, this unique "gayaki" or "vocal" style is seldom played today. Eric is also a 2011 Fulbright senior scholar for indian music as well as a licensed music therapist. He is based in Brooklyn, NY and studies with Pandit Gopal Roy in Kolkata, India.

Ted Morano, who will be accompanying Pandit Manik Munde on sitar during the opening solo, is a multi-instrumentalist who studied both tabla with Pandit Taranath Rao as well as sitar with Panit Amiyo Das Gupta.