Afrika meets India is pioneering a convergence of classical Indian raga melody, traditional Zimbabwean mbira song, and a grooving blend of Indian and African rhythm. 

Eric Fraser - bansuri | Kevin Hylton - mbira | Abhik Mukherjee - sitar | Salieu Suso - kora | Naren Budhakar - tabla | Giancarlo Luiggi - Hosho

With Afrika Meets India, centuries of celebrated musical traditions dance together - and perhaps return to their common origins - as the ragas of India find common ground with African chants, rhythms and melodies.

Grounded by tradition but guided by the spirit of spontaneous improvisation, no two Afrika Meets India concerts are alike.

-David Ellenbogen (WKCR 89.9 FM-NY)




BROOKLYN RAGA MASSIVE (501c3 arts organization) 

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Brooklyn Raga Massive began in the Fall of 2011 as a cooperative alliance between Indian Classical Musicians in the Brooklyn, NYC area. Brooklyn Raga Massive is a collective of like-minded, forward thinking musicians rooted in Indian classical music. They've hosted a weekly Indian Classical Music Jam Session for over 4 years, with a goal of bringing together the community of Raga music listeners and practitioners.

With years of experience presenting and organizing traditional Raga concerts, multi-act festivals, as well educational outreach. BRM represents the current generation of up-and-coming Indian Music artists. We are proud to be comprised of independent world-class professional musicians who are interested in reaching beyond conventional formats and methods, in order to reach a larger and more diverse community of Indian Music and Raga inspired music appreciators.

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